Who We Are

Michael Francis - BGS, Owner

Michael Francis, owner of Bytowne Home care Services, offers senior home care for those who wish to maintain their independence while living in their own home. Michael is involved in charities in the Ottawa region and he is committed to making a difference in the Ottawa community. Thorncliffe Place Retirement Residence has been owned and operated by Michael’s family for 20 years. Michael continued his family’s commitment to quality in home senior care at the residence and in 2010 founded Bytowne Homecare to extend home health services to the Ottawa region. He spends much of his free time as a volunteer hockey coach and he is an avid fisherman.

Michael has seen the impact that pet therapy can have on the quality of life of his clients. Visits from therapy dogs help people recover more quickly and can reduce feelings of loneliness, depression and anxiety. His best friend and faithful companion “Rocky” comes to work with Michael every day. This beige Pekingese acts as a pet, bodyguard and all round embodiment of the caring atmosphere at Thorncliffe Place and Bytowne Homecare Services. The clients can request visits from Rocky who is always happy to brighten someone’s day.

Michael Francis

Adriana R. Olvera - Director of Operations

“We care for our clients’ mind, body and spirit.”

Adriana Olvera understands the importance of family — in more ways than one.

As a former social worker in her native Mexico, she worked with orphans and a children’s hospital. She has dedicated her life to creating family where there is none.

Not surprising, Adriana now leads a team of 60 in providing medical and non-medical care to the elderly, the injured and those with life-limiting disabilities.

“We are family-owned and family is how we view our clients. We’re careful to pair them with caregivers who speak the same language, or have the same faith, so that the relationship is stronger.”

That holistic approach runs through every aspect of the business.

“We forget that the mind and body are one and need to heal together. I look at our clients not just as clients, but as someone’s father, daughter or brother.”

“My passion is helping people every day. I may leave the office but I never really leave work — that’s my commitment to our clients.”

Adriana Olvera

Photographer: Lindsey Gibeau